The mission of our laboratory is a holistic approach to understanding biological diversity and implementing the conservation of species at both empirical and theoretical levels, develop and implement algorithms enabling collaborative research and education in systematics and biodiversity, and employ the best available tools in the sciences to reconstruct phylogenetic histories, species diversity, population genetics, inheritance of species attributes, and the conservation and recovery of species.

Personnel of our laboratory are trained in a diverse array of empirical methods and data analysis and interpretations that are associated with molecular and morphological characters of species.  The personnel of our laboratory have a long history of successfully completing competitively-awarded contracts and grants that fulfill the mission of the laboratory and those working in the lab. 

     We provide an unbiased and objective scientific appraisal of the questions at hand.  Our experience includes a broad array peer-reviewed scientific research and publications, and professional experience in panels and review boards, all in the areas wherein our laboratory is focused. 

     For information on contracting our expertise for scientific research on an array of genetic and morphological questions pertaining to species diversity, systematics, conservation biology, and many other disciplines, contact Laboratory Director

Richard L Mayden
Professor and Endowed Chair of Natural Sciences
Saint Louis University

Drawing by David A. Neely