Taxonomic Coverage

Biodiversity, systematic, and conservation research in our laboratory involves a variety of genetic and morphological character sets on a variety of fish groups. For example, we have focused most of our research on species of the following families:

Lampreys: Family Petromyzontidae
Phylogeny of lamprey species of the world
Species identification using molecular markers
Testing the satelite speciation model

Sturgeons: Family Acipenseridae
Species diversity in Central Asian genus Pseudoscaphirhynchus
Species differentiation in North American Scaphirhynchus
Conservation genetics of imperiled species Scaphirhynchus and
based on mitochondrial and nuclear genes.

Shiners and Minnows: Family Cyprinidae
Phylogenetic relationships of shiner-like Cyprinids of North America
Several studies of molecular and morphological variation in Notropis,
Campostoma, Nocomis, Pteronotropis
, and Hybopsis.
Descriptions of new species in Notropis.
Conservation genetics of imperiled species of Cyprinidae in North America.

Suckers: Family Catostomidae
Genetic and morphological diversity within Catostomus plebius.
Description of Wall Canyon Sucker, Catostomus sp.
Morphological variation in the Sacramento Sucker, Catostomus occidentalis.

Trout: Family Salmonidae
Genetic and morphological diversity in the Mexican rainbow trout lineage.
Descriptions of new species of rainbow trout in Mexico.
Conservation genetics of Mexican rainbow trout.

Topminnows: Family Profundulidae
Phylogenetic relationships of species of Profundulus
Biogeography and conservation of Profundulus of southern Mexico.

Sunfish and Bass: Family Centrarchidae
Phylogenetic relationships of species of sunfishes and basses
Genetic divergence and biogeography of species of Micropterus, Lepomis,
and Ambloplites.

Darters: Family Percidae
Genetic and morphhological divergence in clades of Percina and Etheostoma.
Conservation genetics of species of Percina and Etheostoma.

Drawing by David A. Neely

For additional information on any of these studies or initiating investigations on conservation and biodiversity of a fish species or group of species please contact laboratory director Dr. Richard L. Mayden.
Pseudoscaphirhynchus kaufmanni
Photograph by Bernard R. Kuhajda