2005 Summer REU Research Symposium
Saint Louis University

University of Minnesota

The University of Alabama

16 August 2005

Department of xxx

University of Minnesota

Twin Cities

Andrew Simons

Introduction to REU CToL Symposium

Nick Gidmark Phylogeny of Cypriniformes base on Ribosomal RNA sequences

Miranda Haskins and Mary Agnew

Nick Gidmark, Ryan Peterson, and Rene Wolfe

Leah Schneider, Sara Chamberlain,
Mitch Sudkamp, Jennifer Tsau, and
Theresa Clouse


Rene Wolfe, Nick Gidmark, and Ryan Peterson

Mitchell Sudkamp, Robert Wood, David Neely, Jeffrey Ray, Richard Mayden, and Andrew Simons

Matt Kuehl and Brett Nagle

Roberta Thompson and Alicia Waggoner

Progress on studies at the University of Alabama

Rick Mayden

Future Plans on REU and CToL

Andrew Simons introducing REU Symposium
Part of the audience at REU Symposium
Nick Gidmark discussing his history in REU
Nick Gidmark presenting higher relationships
Miranda Haskins discussing Cytochrome Oxidase I
Ryan Peterson on relationships with Cyt b
Ryan Peterson on Cypriniformes and Cyt b
Our group during the symposium
Leah Schneider on Cypriniformes and ND4-5 results
Liz and Andrew
Rene, Matt, Alecia, Roberta, and Gray
Break time
Mitch, Kevin, Leah, Eric, and Miranda on break
Rene Wolfe discussing Erimystax phylogeography
Mitch Sudkamp discussing Platygobio phylogeograhy
Break time
Break time
Eric is digging this stuff
Back row view of Nick's talk
Kevin is totally digging this stuff
Rob during break
Our snacks provided by Andrew and Rob
Ryan on break