Ryan Peterson

Major:  xxx

Email: pete2443@umn.edu

From University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
Originally from Hibbing, MN

I like science because it gives us the most detailed insight into the world around us.  Science is a valuable tool that we can employ in other fields of study.

Also, the following post on a little girl’s web site is enough motivation for me to study science:
01 | Math
02 | Science
03 | Ms. Fluth

I became involved in the REU because I wanted to learn the lab techniques employed in biological research as well as the methods involved in carrying out a phylogenetic project.  I wanted to build on my previous research project that modeled phytoplankton by examining the questions studied in fish research.

The summer REU project gave me insight into the workings of a molecular biology lab and into the problems being investigated in genetics and ecology.  I learned how to implement several techniques involved in preparing DNA for sequencing.  I gained experience using computer programs to analyze the resulting DNA data. Being involved in a project of this duration exposed me to the variety of research methods necessary to carry out a long term project.
I was introduced to the fields of systematics and phylogeography that had been mostly foreign to me at the beginning of the summer.  I feel more knowledgeable and better prepared to explore further research.  I enjoyed working on the project.

My future plans are to attend medical school and possibly purse biomedical research.