Matt Kuhel
(612) 720-2607

Major:  xxx


Why am I interested in science?
To be frank, science is awesome! No other field is as fast paced or dynamic as science. New things are being discovered daily and many past scientific theories and ideas are being refuted or revised by experiments of today. This complex yet intriguing system is what draws me to the field of science.

Why did I get involved?
First of all, I was looking for undergraduate research opportunities. Second, I have been fascinated with fish since I was a young lad. So when I heard about a REU position in an Ichthyology lab, I knew that this was just what I was looking for.

What did I get out of it was it worth it?

This was indeed an excellent lab experience. I learned important laboratory and research skills that I would not have been able to receive anywhere else. This experience also gave me a chance to network with many people that would gladly help me with further endeavors such as graduate school.

My future plans

As of this experience, I am looking into either attending graduate school or becoming a high school biology teacher.