Sarah Chamberlain 

Phone: (314) 223-8325

Major:  Biology B.S.


        I was born in Corpus Cristi, Texas, then my family moved to Mexico City for a few years and I currently live in South County of St. Louis area.

         I chose Biology as a discipline because I've always had an interest in science, particularly physiological sciences.  The processes of the human body really fascinate me.  I have had a lot of wonderful experiences with doctors and hospitals and their passion for science and medicine really inspired me. As I've continued with my course work here at SLU, I've found a new appreciation for new areas of science and I grow more interested in biology everyday.

         I am currently planning on attending medical school in the fall of 2007.  I've really been planning on becoming a doctor for most of my life, but as I'm learning more about different areas, I'm researching some other options as well.  I plan on spending the year after graduation doing some service work abroad and I will continue my education when I return, whether it will be in grad or med school.

         I am really excited to be in the REU project working with Cypriniformes.  I came here hoping to learn about PCR and sequencing techniques and my expectations have truly been exceeded.  Kevin Tang has taught me so much about how things work in the lab and I imagine I'm only going to learn more over the next few months.  I also was interested in this project because I wanted to gain a basic knowledge about fishes.  My parents both have degrees in fishery sciences and I would like to be able to help them with some of their work.

         I think I am a pretty easily entertained type of person.  For fun, I really like movies and just about everything that involves a gathering of people.  I really like meeting new people.  I played the clarinet and flute in high school and I still play occasionally.  I like to work out and read if I get the time.