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Family Petromyzontidae

Caspiomyzon wagneri (Kessler 1870)

Taxonomy: caspicus, Agnathomyzon (Haploglossa) Gratzianov 1907:18 [Dnevn. Zool. Otd. Obsc. Liub. Jest. Moskva v. 3 (no. 7-8); ref. 1870]. Kura R. near Evlakh, Volga R. near Kazan, and Moskva R. (Royllier), Russia. No types known. Type catalog: Vasil'eva et al. 2001:11 [ref. 25714]. Also appeared as new in Gratzianow 1907:13 [ref. 1871]. •Synonym of Caspiomyzon wagneri (Kessler 1870) -- (Holcík 1986:120 [ref. 24819], Reshetnikov 1998:15 [ref. 23570]). Caspiomyzon wagneri (Kessler 1870). Petromyzontidae: Petromyzontinae.
From Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes

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Distribution of Caspiomyzon wagneri

Fish illustrations by Joseph R. Tomelleri and used with permission.
Photos of Caspiomyzon wagneri

Oral disk of Caspiomyzon wagneri